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95. Personally I think safe from all dilemmas whenever we accept. You alone are my passion, my desire, to expend my entire life with you could be the fantasy we aspire, If I had one wish, it could be to produce you mine, And for the remainder of my life experience your love divine.
96. I really hope that I’ll always get to be with you, daily the magic of one’s love gets anew. You will be a long-lasting treasure, You fill immense pleasure to my heart. I not have to wander; no more have actually to wander, Coz inside you I’ve found a company shelter where personally i think house.
97. Each and every time we accept, My pulse begins to race. I enjoy be in your area, When I’m in your hands my world that is whole feels. I really like it as soon as your lips satisfy mine, It’s an unexplained feeling; it is divine. It’s a crazy feeling but it really is real, I just wish to be with you.
98. […]