a€?Are your sure your dona€™t would like to do they?a€™ the man pleaded at home, whenever they sooner parted approaches
As countless think-pieces on the web will say to you, homosexual guys have used narcotics (and quite often, also the needle) to raise their particular intimate experiences for hundreds of years. Ita€™s merely more recently that theya€™ve broken through the shackles of privacy and tend to be referring to their unique fetishes in the available, and inside rooms in hotels and closed bedrooms.
Akaash Dutt* possess yet another story to tell. On earliest picture, Akaash try a normal people. An advertising government for a bustling degree business, the guy uses his energy shuttling between work and post-work drinks. Hea€™s addicted to to catchy Bollywood rates, soccer additionally the nice taste of cheap rum.
Then four period in the past, the guy had gotten totally hooked on to chem sex. His tale fits Kartika€™s a€“ a strange complete stranger exactly who hit over to him during the deceased of nights, a promise of satisfaction at arma€™s go. A desperate plea meet up with. An introduction to tough medicines.
Unlike Kartik, he made a decision to use the jump (look over: slam) of trust. […]