There was no doubt 2014 was a great year for video. I couldn’t scroll through any marketing publication, newsletter, or website without bumping into some sort of article talking about the video uprising. Was it all hype? Think about… have you ever found yourself at a website or at an online article asking yourself “where’s the video?”. I find myself doing it all the time now. It’s the type of content we’re naturally gravitating towards on the web. Our habits are changing, if not already changed. Well if the start of 2015 is any indication, we are in store for a lot more of this in the year ahead.

Here are the headlines from 2015 that have already caught my attention:

  • Just recently Twitter announced that users can begin to shoot, edit and upload 30-second video clips. Just enough time to get your message across and still engage the 140 character crowd. This also happens to be the typical length of most television commercials.
  • Vidyard, a company (in our own backyard) that provides a technology platform for video marketing, distribution and analytics, just secured $18 million in new funding. This says a lot actually… not just about the company itself, but the current and projected growth of video. For starters, investors don’t just hand over large sums of money without doing their homework, and you can bet that they are looking for growth in the space they are investing in. I may be oversimplifying it, but success for a company like Vidyard is based on the demand for video content increasing and the creation of video content increasing.
  • Kaltura’s recent State of Video in The Enterprise report, found that over 75% of survey respondents state that integrating video into organizations’ existing tools and applications is important, and will play an important role in the near future, dramatically improving employee training, creativity, and productivity. They surveyed over 1,200 CIOs, CMOs, IT Directors, and owners of video initiatives.

So there you have it folks, get ready for another awesome year for video, because b-b-baby, you ain’t seen n-n-nothing yet, and just in case you’re dying because there is no video for this article… here you go… happy now?