Welcome to the new site! It’s been a tumultuous few months transitioning from old to new, but we’re very excited to share our new branding, vision, and upcoming slate of projects.  There’s plenty to explore, so please… make yourself at home.

For many reasons, 2015 is set as a year of unprecedented growth here at Innertainment.  We have been hiding under the radar for a few years, working nearly anonymously, and exclusively for a number of recognized brands and organizations.  But — having invested in new talent, new facilities, and new production gear, why remain the best kept secret in town?

This is our coming out party.  Enjoy the show.

All that aside, we remain busy…working.  I recently returned from Kansas City, where I spent some time filming a D2L case study with the excellent Martin Tan.  We profiled all three major levels of K-12 at Park Hill School District.  Here’s a peek at just one of those stories, stemming from the Middle School tier.